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Andys Radhames Perez Rodriguez, (MOONCAKE Visuals CEO)

Andys Radhames Perez Rodriguez

MOONCAKE Visuals CEO, Virtual production artist & technician, MegaGrants Recipient

I'm from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I started working with CG in 2012, using 3ds Max and After Effects, and later transitioned to Blender.

When the pandemic hit, I needed to find a way to sustain myself, and that's when I discovered the amazing world of Virtual Production. Since then, building believable and immersive experiences has become my passion, with Unreal Engine being the primary tool that helps me achieve it. I believe in creative freedom, but I also value productivity. That's why I strive to give my customers the best of me in every project, helping them simplify workflows when it comes to triggering dynamic events.

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