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UEVS Introduction

Realistic Virtual sets & Enviroments for Live Events

Step into a whole new world of creativity with our Virtual Sets and environments, powered by Unreal Engine, Aximmetry DE, or Zero Density. We're here to take your productions to the next level, offering a unique and immersive experience that breaks free from the confines of traditional static virtual studios. Get ready for a dynamic and friendly backdrop that will make your content shine with creativity and energy!

Augmented Reality & Live Graphics Solutions

Experience production-ready and flexible data-driven Augmented Reality graphics with an easy customization process. Our user-friendly setup is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless operation that enhances audience engagement in the most efficient way.

Best suited for:

  • Sports
  • Esports
  • Elections
  • News Channel
  • Gambling

Also perfect for any other show where you want to present information in a fun and fresh way.

Advanced Logic & Custom Tools for Live Control

Beyond beautiful graphics, functionality is a crucial part of our offering. We develop tools and setups to simplify your workflow when going live, ensuring your events proceed seamlessly with complex logic optimized for real-time performance.

  • Unreal Engine Logic Blueprints (Actors & tools)
  • Unreal Engine C++ Coding
  • Unreal Engine Custom Control Web tools
  • Aximmetry Compound Setups
  • Zero Density Graphs Setup
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Some of my Customers

Marwan Rassi - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Marwan Rassi Engineer - Rassi Engineering

Andys is a one stop shop for everything you need in Virtual Production design. An Artist and a talented Unreal designer with special skills in Blueprints. He has delivered many projects to us in record time.

Clement Duclona - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Clement Duclona Bawon Event

Mooncake visuals did a really good job.I am glad I decided to work with the team. It’s really great how easy Understood our needs for the 3D virtual event and the robot modeling. went really fast and beyond our imagination.

Sara Llorens- Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Sara Llorens Directora de Operaciones de Lavinia Services

Trabajar con Andys ha sido y es muy satisfactorio. Es un chico muy creativo que además se ha adaptado al lenguaje de televisión con una rapidez admirable. Estamos muy contentas de poder contar con él.

Jordi Asensio Carrera - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Jordi Asensio Carreras Responsable de Ingenieria Broadcast

Trabajar con Andys ha sido un proceso enriquecedor y muy productivo. Sus conocimientos, profesionalidad y gran creatividad han desencadenado en un producto extraordinario.

DJ Zen - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

DJ Zen Dj, Audio & Lights

Really good to work with Andys, was able to deliver the requeriments on time with a really good quality.

Jeff Watkins - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Jeff Watkins CEO, Condreal Studios

Andys and Mooncake Visuals have been a tremendous resource, partner, and collaborator in several of my projects that have boosted my quality, look, and capabilities.

Alberto Soto - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Alberto Soto Multivision, Lima Perú

En los proyectos mas grandes y exigentes que hemos tenido hemos necesitado del trabajo de Andys, el cual siempre a sido espectacular, siempre presto a ayudar, sugerir y hacer que el cliente quede satisfecho con el producto final, desde la elaboracion hasta el producto en vivo.

Joshua Chia - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Joshua Chia Videographer

"All thanks to Andys, we have learned a lot about Unreal Engine. His workshop has been very beneficial for us and we are excited to create more exciting content in our projects!"

Kim - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Kim Videographer

As a absolute beginner in unreal, I'm glad to have Andys as guide for our team. He's very patience and kind, his custom course're very useful for virtual productions. Definitely recommended! 👍🏻

Eugene Ho - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Eugene Ho. Videographer

As someone with zero knowledge and even not knowing what can Unreal Engine do, Andys has equipped me with sufficient knowledge on how to create a presentable virtual set within 8 lessons. The lessons are information packed and light hearted. He is patient and is willing to explain areas that are harder to understand. Glad to have learnt from him. Thank you Andys.🙇🏻‍♂️

Zahir Haddad - Mooncake visuals, testimonials


Mooncake, Quality is always there. Top of the game in terms of 3D-creativity, adaptation and delivery. Thank you Andy for being always responsive and extremely quick by understanding complex requirements and bringing valuable input into our initial design ideas. We are very grateful to have you as partner and we further count on your support with our upcoming projects.

Pablo Mesquer - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Pablo Meseguer Freelance Broadcast Engineer

Working with Andys is a top notch experience, he is a challenge beater, do not hesitate contacting him for your projects!. Not only he is a master on 3d design, but he is a top Sysadmin, understands the difficulties of highly centralized ip production workflows used in a broadcast environments and have the programming skills required to make a breeze the enduser experience. His professional services deigned for us a the Virtual set used in national TV station, provided a custom QuickVP solution fully integrated with the our production hub.

Debasish Goswami - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Debasish Goswami Azam Media Limited

We did a special project for our Live Stadium Augment Reality with Mooncake Visuals. It was a wonderful experience and he delivered the project on time. Also he made the design so modular and easy it can be used for any of our project. Thanks a lot Andys, I am looking forward to work with you more.

Doc. Kevin - Mooncake visuals, testimonials

Doc. Kevin HoopsMD Show

Superb customer service, high quality virtual assistance work. A+

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